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Carretto Women's Vest

Carretto Women's Vest

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Carretto Siciliano, a folk art tradition in southern Italy for about 300 years, is named after the horse-drawn push carts that are painted with colorful geometric imagery. There were similar artistic traditions throughout western Europe, and as the style migrated internationally it became even richer by blending with local artistic traditions, notably in the Americas. That's why Mexican Talavera Pottery and Huichol yarn painting resemble Carretto. We can still see the DNA in the graphics of modern-day race cars and lowriders, with their exuberant cacophony of logos, pinstripes, and flames.

Cycling vests may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you see a pushcart, but we couldn't help ourselves.  

The vest is light and very packable with no pockets and a mesh back.


  • Wash whites and dark colors separately in cold water.
  • Wash inside out and zipped up.
  • Do not tumble dry. Hang and dry instead.
  • Do not bleach, dry clean or iron.
  • Do not use softeners, washing powders and avoid big commercial detergents.
  • Do use enzyme-free detergents like Seventh Generation, Trader Joes or LeBlanc.
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